Often a sought after prerequisite for focus and productivity is sitting and working alone with nobody around to distract or interrupt you. That’s why many employees come into the office early in the morning or stay late: finally no one to disturb their concentration, no phone ringing, no well meant inquiries into one’s health situation etc.

But then, sitting just by yourself can have its limits in helping you to focus. Procrastination and self-distraction of all kinds might flourish. Not despite, but because of all the detachment it’s hard to focus. That’s when it would be helpful to have other people around you. They can be just “social noise” to “get you into the zone”. Or they can themselves be examples of productivity and focus motivating you to follow their lead.

The latter is the reason why you see more and more people working in cafés or booking a place in a so called coworking space. They exist all around the world. It’s quite a hype.

So, what are you looking for: true seclusion or some humans around you to help you focus by focussing themselves?

The beauty of our Productivity Haven Bansko is, that it’s not about either-or, but offering an as-well-as.

If you like, stay in the apartment, enjoy the mountain view, use the high-speed internet and “get shit done”. Or, if you feel a bit more social, cross the street and take a seat in one of the locations of Coworking Bansko. It’s the leading – well, to be honest, the only – coworking space in Bansko. But it’s cool with lovely people from all over the world and lots of activities all the time.

Using one of the locations of Coworking Bansko does not come with any obligations. Focus on what you want to accomplish as much as you want. If you like to sit quietly by yourself with headphones on, you can do so. But if you should be looking for some conversation with friendly and diverse people once in a while, you can get that, too. Check out the Facebook group of Coworking Bansko to get an impression of what’s going on there.

The coworking space has locations across Bansko. One is in the old town part of Bansko with two buildings, the other one is close to the gondola and across the street from the “blue apartment” of Productivity Haven Bansko. A very convenient location for you. (To be hones, that was another reason why we chose this apartment.)

Check out the two orange dots in the below map: that’s where you can cowork. The violet dot is where your apartment is located. Click on the map and be taken to an interactive Google map with even more locations relevant to your stay.