About us

If you wondered who’s offering you the Productivity Haven Bansko: it’s us, Andrea and Ralf.

We’re long term tenants of the apartment, which we’re renting from our our trusty landlord Miro, and are making it our home more and more each day. But we’re also freelancers working in Germany and other EU countries so we unfortunately cannot spend our full time in the “blue apartment”.

But since we’ve found Bansko, the apartment, the coworking space, and the whole region to be so helpful for “getting things done”, we’re eager to make this whole “productivity package” available to others. We’ve experienced first hand how beneficial the apartment and the town of Bansko and the coworking community are to our productivity!

Hence we’re offering Miro the opportunity to run this website and rent out the apartment in a part time manner.

Enjoy your stay!


Hi, I’m Miro! And I’d be very happy to help you with your stay in Bansko so you can focus on your project, but at the same time also get to see some of this beautiful European region.

I professionally take care of apartments in Bansko. Airbnb even calls me a “superhost”. But beyond that I’m enthusiastic about the Bansko region, even though I’m living with my familiy in a larger town some 30min away.

I’m loving the coworking space which brings an international crowd here – and am very happy to be able to offer the “blue apartment” to you, even though I’ve already convinced Andrea and Ralf to stay longer.

Welcome to Bulgaria!