Welcome to your distraction free home for deep work and relaxation!

If you’re looking for a place to spend time to really focus on a project or to let go of the chaos of urban life, you’ve found it!
It’s our “blue apartment” in lovely Bansko, Bulgaria.

Have you ever wished for a block of uninterrupted time to get a project done? Are you dreaming about a place to retreat to for really digging into a problem? Then Bansko is the place to go!

Sometimes you just need to focus on one task, idea, responsibility, promise and get it done: maybe you want to write a book, maybe you need to come up with an innovative product concept, maybe an important presentation for your professional career is looming, maybe you even have to re-invent your business… In any case, what you need is focus. You need to get rid of as many distractions of ordinary life as you can for a while to get this one thing done.

This is where our Productivity Haven Bansko is coming in!

No need to seclude yourself on an island, no need to cut yourself from civilization in a remote monastery, no need to pay a premium for quietness. You can have  it all in one place: a distraction free atmosphere, nature’s stillness, but also connectedness to internet resources as needed with high speed wifi.

It’s what makes Bansko in particular and Bulgaria so attractive. Here’s where modern technology and rural life meet. It’s an enabler for concentration and focus. Bansko is, where you really “can get shit done!”

Affordable, quiet, connected

It’s hard enough to carve out extended time to dedicate to a single task. But sometimes that’s just what’s needed to achieve your quality goal or to meet a deadline or to get it done at all. But why add to this high costs for staying at a supportive place and enjoying a supportive atmosphere?

Bulgaria in general and Bansko in  particular are offering low cost of living and low cost accommodation just a 2 to 4 hour flight away. And both at a high level of quality! You won’t miss home much, while staying at the “blue apartment”. Promised!

Ignite your productivity!

Do you want to finally get down and see your project through? Do you want to truly dedicate time to your idea, concept, or task? Then get in touch with us! We’ll set you up in our “blue apartment” and we’re sure you’ll achieve your goal. It’s all there what you need: quitness, nature’s beauty, friendly people, plus high speed access to the world’s information store, the internet.